10 Funny Reactions to Trump’s Tweets

Trump — He is and remains a mystery. His tweets are…well… let’s call it interesting to read. Trump’s Twitter Feed and his Tweets make you laugh again and again. Tweets about the President of the United States are also always humorous. At least there’s one thing you can’t blame him for: He always provides entertainment. Okay, sometimes you just want to hit your head on the tabletop. But Trump wouldn’t be Trump if he didn’t make us shake our heads once in a while. No matter if it is now by statements (We remember «My father gave me a small loan of one million dollars.») or tweets. But there is something way better! The reactions on his tweets! We’ve put together a collection of the funniest and coolest reactions to Donald Trump’s Tweets today and wish you a lot of fun!


Never ever

Classic one

Trump and the stock markets

President or Teenager?

Trump and Corona

We can also call an Uber

We almost believed you

Wasn’t there anyone better?

Give him a mirror!

You lose

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