12 Neighbors Directly From Hell

The sheer pleasure of not living among cattle or in an unheated forest cabin in 2021 isn’t limited to putting 2/3 of your income (yes, both jobs) in rent. You also have the great advantage of not having to be alone. Ever. In principle, life in an apartment building is like an episode of «Friends» – but the cast includes a family with small children, a family with teenage children, a weird and probably sociopathic bachelor, a couple newly in love and a couple who has just separated but still lives together because they cannot afford two apartments. Just with very thin yet not noise-inhibiting walls in between. Moreover, hearing the lovely sound of the usual Wednesday party in the flat above you makes you feel like being in the good old pre-Corona times. Except, of course, that a potentially fatal and happily mutating disease is still eating its way through densely populated areas. Isn’t that fun? Well, at least you don’t have the following 12 neighbors.














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