13 Reasons Why We Love Wine

It’s Thursday, which means we’re only about a bottle and a half away from the weekend. Unless you’re a parent or have a full-time job (paid or unpaid) then it’s more like three bottles. Physics, right? In any case, there’s the cheap wine coming in a 2 liter box, there is the 4.99 bottle with the same content but a sticker that says something in French and also the 199.99 bottles, but for some unknown reason, the label isn’t in Klingon and that’s why we don’t understand the concept of those. Anyways, whether you call it «Christmas juice», «currant juice» or «medicine», there is the right wine for each of us. As proven by the following Tweets. Cheers!


#1: If you’re wondering why people enjoy their family …

#2: Also great for cat owners

#3: Wholesome!

#4: The quiet heroes amongst us

#5: Sounds reasonable

#6: Haven’t we all been there?

#7: Don’t underestimate the practice this takes

#8: No judgement please

#9: Excellent choice

#10: It definitely is!

#11: The unpopular side effects of wine consumption

#12: Pomegranate juice! *wink*

#13: This order will definitely impress

Don’t blame it on the onions and start sharpening your flirting skills instead:

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