13 Ways To Declare War in Relationships

Remember kindergarten when we had a fight with our best friend and just threw a pickle at them? Good old times, right? Too bad that growing up, one of the most important lessons is that we can no longer throw pickles and expect the other person to meet up at the slide half an hour later. Especially when it comes to relationships, it is therefore absolutely essential to develop some fine skills to get back at our partner – in the best case without them noticing! Please have fun with 14 very mature strategies to deal with annoyance in relationships.


#1: We’re hearing him screaming NOW

#2: This is gonna haunt him

#3: You should start looking over your shoulder

#4: Oh dear, the revenge is going to be terrible

#5: The silent treatment

#6: Crime scene ahead

#7: For emergency use only

#8: Honestly, he was asking for it

#9: Okay, we discovered the queen!

#10: Checking on Insta for the video …

#11: Every judge will understand

#12: Shame on you, Robert!

#13: Sounds like fun to watch

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