21 of the Best Tweets this Week (#35)

The nice thing about our Saturday recap is that we already did all the work during the week and only need to sit down for a few minutes to write an introduction that will get you in the right mood for our Tweet collection. It doesn’t matter at all if you don’t have an idea for the right words, you just google briefly what happened last week, then make a short detour to Wikipedia to check the correct spelling of a name. There you notice that the person you want to write about went to the same University as you did. Which makes you think of the guy who once came naked to class. So you invest an hour or two to find out that he now heads the legal department of a medium-sized company. Then you google the founders, relieved to find that the naked guy’s last name appears three times. Obviously, you do what you have to do and check him out on Instagram, to see him going on vacation for the fourth time this year and then spend the rest of the weekend writing on a list to convince your boss to raise your salary. Anyway, here are the best Tweets from the week. Enjoy!























Anything before last week is just a blurry concept? We bring your memory to life:

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