21 of the Best Tweets this Week (#36)

Happy weekend everyone! It’s Saturday and if you got up before 10am, you might want to use the weekend to google for doctors in your area. Except you have kids, then it might be a little late for that. However, if you don’t have any plans for the next 48 hours that are kindly made available to you by our beloved economic system, why not try a picnic. It is basically the same as normal food just on the floor and without dishes, but it automatically makes you feel like a 19th century Englishman and you finally get to talk like a cast member of «The Crown». Or you can cheat imperialism and just enjoy the best Tweets of the week. Anyway, have fun and enjoy the weekend!


#1: It was probably way easier to choose your profile picture back then

#2: But what???

#3: Listen to the man

#4: Watch out for this chicken

#5: This Tweets is what social media was invented for

#6: We should start teaching statistics

#7: As for us: sloth

#8: An overrated skill anyway

#9: He’s gonna find out soon

#10: Well, they’re really trying

#11: Streaming Delta + these days

#12: Oh god

#13: King

#14: Love to everyone in lavender marriages

#15: The gin and tonic shaped spaces in our stomachs know what he’s talking about

#16: True

#17: This does apply to everyone

#18: Totally relatable

#19: Looking forward to tell the grandchildren about that era

#20: Good luck

#21: How can he hold still like this?

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