Best of Twitter from March 13, 2021

We hope everyone has a splendid Saturday on this surprisingly uneventful weekend, at least when it comes to politics or a new natural disaster. To make it at least a little bit funny, we were …

Why do men have to be like “as a father and a husband...” when talking about respecting women’s rights as if it’s something they’ve only learned through those experiences? I’m a gay man with no children. I still know to respect women because I’m not a twat

Best of Twitter from March 12, 2021

The weekend is close, everybody, can you feel it? Two days of sleeping in, lying on the couch, and preparing to get shot… getting A shot, of course! By the way, Joe Biden just publicly …

the guy who named Newfoundland really didn’t try at all, did he?

Best of Twitter from March 10, 2021

Yey! It’s finally Wednesday, folks! Half the week is done! Another week of lockdown, another week of home office, another week of. . . hey! Why don’t we just take a positive view of things? …

We’re just sayin’. To abolish mask -wearing laws in some States while the rest of the Nation keeps theirs is like designating a peeing section of the swimming pool.

Best of Twitter from March 9, 2021

March 8 was International Women’s Day and since it was a very successful event, today we introduce you to a world without female oppression, but fair opportunities, and equal payment for men and women. What? …

vibrators are unnatural and wrong. god said adam and eve not florence and the machine

Best of Twitter from March 8, 2021

Welcome to another episode of Best of Twitter. It’s Monday again! We hope your week’s off to a good start. If not, don’t mind. You’re not doing anything wrong. It’s just a normal reaction of …

If the casino had a uno table I’ll tear some shit up

Best of Twitter from March 7, 2021

We wish you a wonderful Sunday. Enjoy your weekend and the beautiful weather, we deliver the corresponding portion of humour! Have fun with our Daily!

Best of Twitter from March 6, 2021

We hope your weekend is going great so far and to make it even better, we found some gems for you while diving through Twitter. Not only experiences with Microsoft Word, but also some weather …

Just thinking about how for decades people answered the phone having no idea who was on the other end. My god.

Best of Twitter from March 5, 2021

Okay, everybody, let’s cut to the chase. Staying at home has been fun for a while, but slowly, slowly it’s starting to get a tiny little boring – or is it just us? Surprisingly, it’s …

has anyone else not been to the dentist since Covid and also not for the five years before that

Best of Twitter from March 4, 2021

Isn’t it funny how quickly our lives can change within a year? People who don’t wear masks are looked at funny, not the other way around anymore. Visits to the doctor are now only made …