Best of Twitter from April 26, 2020

The year is 2020. Loneliness lay like a dark shadow over all the countries. The world has been holding its breath for months for fear of the evil coronavirus that has terrified humanity. Many brave knights had come together to fight the virus, all had failed. They had made a lot of plans, some smarter, some stupid. For example, Knight Trump from America proposed to inject people with disinfectants – and reaped grateful rejection. The gathering of knights was desperate. The situation seemed hopeless and everyone began to slowly but surely come to terms with the situation. But then, all of a sudden, a little knight stepped out of a corner where he had not been noticed before. He wore a light blue armor and had a little blue bird on his shoulder. So he came to the table and said, «If we can’t save humanity from Corona, we can still improve their situation!» «And how?»; asked the knights. » Well», replied the knight in blue armor, «I am carrying a valuable box with me. It contains the ten best tweets of the day. They can help people find their laughter again in this difficult time. Carry them to your lands, spread them among your people, and you will see: It will get better!». The assembly was enthusiastic, the knights did as they were told, and spread the glad tidings all over the world!