Best of Twitter from August 10, 2021

Hello and welcome to this wonderful Tuesday on which once again our imagination competes against the ability to recognize reality. We can’t help but come to the conclusion that this is basically what Mufasa tried to sum up when he explained that Friday is hunted by Monday before Monday turns into Friday again. Just a lot darker and we’re on the hyena’s side. Though some of us basically are the crazy monkey with the pumpkin, as the following Tweets prove. Please Enjoy groundbreaking technologies from Silicon Valley, some real magic and a little bit of Olympia. Have a nice evening!


#1: Thank you

#2: We all know this feeling

#3: Future is here

#4: Hear, hear

#5: Finally someone get’s down to business

#6: Great shoes, obviously

#7: Practical!

#8: All right, but what’s going on with his feet?

#9: So glad we got rid of the plastic straws!

#10: Turn up the volume and listen to the man

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