Best of Twitter from August 12, 2021

Hello, friends of the early weekend and other pleasant surprises. And hello to the weirdos who actually like their work, how is it to be blessed while living among us ordinary peasants? So only half a day more in the caves of Moria (or as we like to call it «the office») until the weekend raises its wonderful yet short head. Think about the possibilities! You can spend two days with your loved ones, enjoying the time they still are in fact loved ones and not the offspring living in your garage two years after finishing college, still trying to find themselves. Or take advantage of the fact that cinemas are open again for a short period of time, until (TOTALLY OUT OF NOWHERE) the next cluster of the pandemic hits because people are already ignoring basic hygiene concepts again. Or you can take a walk into the strange forest that appeared last Walpurgis Night, letting yourself consume by the heavy mist which only you can see, since a witch cursed your bloodline a century ago, because your ancestors drove over the wrong cat with their wagon. But before you do the latter, have a look at the gems we found for you. Totally not in the mist of a magic forest, we promise. Enjoy!


#1: So who said communism is bad?

#2: Perhaps something where you worship racoons?


#4: Let’s be fair, it happened to the best of us

#5: For real friends, you keep a shit box in the house

#6: Pest or cholera, dear friends. Let’s talk about communism again?

#7: You really can’t fix stupid

#8: Never quit on chasing your dreams

#9: The holy trinity

#10: It’s basically an out of body experience

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