Best of Twitter from August 13, 2021

Oh beautiful, beautiful Friday. Someone here who thinks 48 hours are more than enough to not burst into tears at the thought of Monday? No! But isn’t it a good feeling to have proven yourself to be a valuable member of society with just five days of wage labor? Also no! So since we’re on the same side and have to make it through the rest of this year and probably the couple of weeks after to find out which proves to be more fatale, the climate collapse or another covid mutation, let’s spend this evening together, shall we? Don’t worry, it won’t get boring cause once again we prepared 10 nourishing and spicy delicacies with a side of sarcasm. Please have fun with the best Tweets from today.


#1: Who’s telling him?

#2: When someone claims dating is fun

#3: Rent??

#4: So Terry Pratchett was right all along?

#5: Spread the word

#6: Looking forward to the comments on this

#7: There’s always this one grandma anyone wished they had

#8: Never leaving the house again

#9: Doomsday prep

#10: The perfect Tweet doesn’t exi… Oh!

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