Best of Twitter from August 14, 2021

So it’s Saturday. Again. It feels like there’s a repeating pattern going on every seven days, but perhaps that’s just us. Anyway, did you know that Saturday is old Aramaic and means «the day you don’t have to talk to people unless you have family then just pretend to watch Netflix all day»? And we totally didn’t make that up while suffering through a food coma after inhaling two large pizzas with every topping known to mankind. We swear on our PhD in old Aramic. What else is there so say, we hope you are enjoying your well earned days off, it’s still 2021 after all and there are several catastrophic events on our bingo card just waiting to happen. Have a beer, go for a walk, smile at your neighbours and try not to get sacrificed in an ancient temple by an old cult at midnight to raise Huitzilopochtli, the aztec God of War. Oh, and if you do, please tell them about our Tweets of the day, we never had a godlike being following us on Instagram and it’s on our bucket list. That would be most appreciated. Enjoy!


#1: I think we all can relate to that

#2: This is antphobic

#3: Who doesn’t feel like Caesar at some point?

#4: Some people are the real MVPs

#5: Yes, we are ashamed of our kind of humor sometimes

#6: Listen to your mothers

#7: This person is asking the real questions!

#8: Finally someone speaks up about it

#9: Those are the real relationship goals

#10: The line between crazy and genius is pretty thin

And if you’re already hating on your neighbours this weekend here are

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