Best of Twitter from August 15, 2021

Okay, people, what did go wrong? Weren’t we specific? Didn’t we explicitly tell you to take your pair of nail scissors to dig a deep hole in the basement, tear a calendar into 77,000 pieces with your teeth and conjure up your favorite dementor at the sound of «I don’t like Mondays»? Sorry to break the news, but once again you failed. Well, no need to cry, little Harry, you’ll get another chance next week. So since we have the joy of spending another seven days together, let’s have some fun with our Tweets of the day. Enjoy!


#1: True heroes still exist

#2: Please give it to Jim Carrey

#3: How did we get to this point again?

#4: So … they don’t?

#5: Someone is getting a little too excited

#6: Sorry, this should have a trigger warning

#7: We shouldn’t laugh this hard

#8: He was just following her orders

#9: Oh please …

#10: Try the new beer cappuccino!

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