Best of Twitter from August 17, 2021

Good evening, dear Monday survivors. Once again we hold the hope that our little evening get-togethers are the cherry on top of your cake. But deep inside we know that if you had any cake you would sit somewhere else eating it in peace and without us. So yes, maybe we are more like the funny looking yet harmless mold on the top of a Camembert and it may take a while to find out whether this evening will bring you a whole new taste or food poisoning, but isn’t that a great metaphor for life? Well, with this in mind: Good luck and have a little fun with today’s best Tweets!


#1: Stutter is a really great word for people who stutter btw

#2: So many layers

#3: Give this man a beer

#4: Sisgrate

#5: Wait … really?

#6: Oh come on, he loves this game!

#7: Exactly!

#8: Does this beat «Nation that exceptionally did something good in 2015 declares that 2015 must not be repeated»? 🇩🇪

#9: 1950s are calling

#10: Jokes?

If our jokes aren’t awful enough, give dieting a chance:

The best Tweets About Dieting