Best of Twitter from August 18, 2021

It’s Wednesday again and you all know what that means. No, we don’t mean drinking on workdays this time. But take yourself some shots if you want to. What we really mean is the big moaning from the beginning of the week is over. The most important tasks are almost done, all hurdles are cleared or buried six feet under deep in the forest. For the next two days it is enough to pretend to be awake, sitting in the office and just breathe. And if someone asks what you do all the time, you show an Excel sheet from last year. Problem solved! Nobody will notice. It’s that easy. Until tomorrow, enjoy these gems for today.


#1: That rug really ties the room together

#2: Please let it be Brooklyn Nine-Nine

#3: Fabric softener is on offer

#4: Not all heroes wear capes

#5: Mamma Mia

#6: Should play «It wasn’t me» from Shaggy

#7: Only Grim Reapers please

#8: We’ll probably need more therapists in the future

#9: Hush, little kitty don’t say a word, mama’s gonna buy you a mocking bird…

#10: Congrats

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