Best of Twitter from August 19, 2021

It’s tearful Thursday again, the ugly little brother of fantastic Friday. There’s a German saying translating to «looking forward to something is the best kind of joy» which we can assure you is more of a fairy tale than the actual truth. It’s torture, inhumane and there’s absolutely nothing about waiting which makes a normal human being happy. Or has anyone ever been hungry while thinking «oh boy, this is so great, so much hunger, this has to be so much better than finally getting something to eat»? No? We thought so. To be honest, German fairy tales do prepare you for adulthood in a very specific way. They’re full of horrors, unpleasant endings, hard work and there’s a surprisingly huge amount of pain and blood involved. Where were we? Right, looking forward to something. How about our gems of the day? You don’t even have to wait. Enjoy!


#1: Conversations are overrated anyway

#2: And after that they have dirt as dessert

#3: And suddenly no one is hungry anymore

#4: Someone give this girl a Nobel Prize

#5: The Queen’s Gambit – the sequel

#6: We hope there’s something vacant in the neighbourhood

#7: Everyone needs a fancy Poltergeist flicking marbles

#8: How to spot a future serial killer

#9: Dogs and humans are so alike

#10: Everyone gets this at some point

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