Best of Twitter from August 20, 2021

Oh Friday! A day made for ignoring emails and phone calls and pretending to prepare for the next week while ordering a new bathrobe and making shopping lists. A day to come home, undress, and keep it that way for two days straight. A day to give the kids 10 bucks and wonder how much sugar a person can eat without turning into a small but equally destructive version of the Hulk. And of course a day for fantastic Tweets. Have a nice Weekend!


#1: Let that sink in …

#2: No, no. Just cross it out. No one will notice!

#3: So much wisdom

#4: Ridiculous! What should you need a marker for?

#5: Just a little empathy!

#6: Someone stole our dream!

#7: Leave this job!

#8: Totally buying this idea

#9: Just why?

#10: Stay away from this family

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