Best of Twitter from August 21, 2021

It’s Saturday, so we all know what that means: doing something for your health, perhaps going for a small 2k run, going to the local food market to get everything you need for a small salad, so you have something to snack before enjoying a vegan meal with your beloved friends and family. While you’re at it, why not inviting your in-laws for a long and extensive brunch on Sunday morning. Okay, it’s time to wake up, WAKE UP! It was a fever dream, don’t worry. Cuddle your pet raccoon, have another pre dinner margarita, relax. The nightmare is over and here are our gems of the day for you. Enjoy!


#1: Of course not, he’s just supportive

#2: «I’m a junkie, not a loser!»

#3: A hero among us (please click on the link, it’s worth it)

#4: Art is overrated anyway

#5: Plot twist

#6: We are speechless for once

#7: Anger management

#8: She has a bright future ahead

#9: Friends first, therapy after

#10: Priorities

And since it’s almost Christmas again, how about

The Funniest Tweets About Dieting