Best of Twitter from August 22, 2021

Welcome to today’s Sunday edition of Best of Twitter. You might not know this but most of us probably spent this weekend doing the same thing – exactly, discovering the ultimate fun of the milk crate challenge. In case you haven’t heard: It’s a three level game for the entire family. Level 1: Buy 30 crates and spend the following two days drinking 300 liters of milk. Level 2: Build a crate stair and pee 400 times. Level 3: Switch on the camera, do the challenge and spend the following two months in the hospital. If that doesn’t sound exciting enough try our gems of the day.


#1: They should put sanitizer next to it

#2: Every. Damn. Time.

#3: See! Told you there’s still good in the world!

#4: Yay! More family fun!

#5: Nah, it’s taking down people who deserve it

#6: Perspective

#7: Because it will!

#8: True though

#9: Why we love social media:

#10: Wanna take a ride with this guy

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