Best of Twitter from August 23, 2021

Yes, yes! It’s the little things that sweeten our dreary everyday life and make it a little better, right? Whether it’s a pretty flower growing on the roadside, having a scoop of your favorite ice cream, refining your coffee with vodka, prepare the colleague’s chair with a whoopee pillow or smoking weed in your lunch break – we all have little pick-me-ups in our everyday lives that we seldom say a word about. Well, that should change! But instead of offering you a declaration of love for the little things that save us in stressful situations, let’s have a moment of silence for all the hate and the mourning that live in our hearts. After that, you may enjoy our gems for today!


#1: Widows are expected to wear those for two years

#2: Now you are a squirrel

#3: Still a better lovestory than Twilight

#4: It’s the law

#5: Nailed it

#6: Can’t imagine today

#7: Selling the rights to Amazon was a mistake

#8: Especially if it’s a SAW movie scenario

#9: This could be true

#10: Roger, Roger

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