Best of Twitter from August 24, 2021

Hello everyone! Today is Tuesday and we all know what that means: Only three days left on which we have to fight the urge to throw an unknown number of technical devices out of the window before we finally get home and spend the evening with the technical device of our choice. For this very reason we once again saddled our favorite guinea pig and set off on the great search. And what did we find? Exactly, a few indispensable technical devices! So grab your you know what and have fun with the best Tweets from today. Oh, by the way, if you’re doing the crate challenge you don’t need to care what’s in the vaccine. Have a great evening everyone!


#1: Only 90’s kids remember

#2: Hellonotsofreshanymore

#3: How long before we can order like this?

#4: She’s gonna be a great politician

#5: Nah, she’s totally relaxed …

#6: Ouch

#7: Could have called though

#8: Well …

#9: Hate to tell you but she probably didn’t even time you

#10: Honor to whom honor is due

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