Best of Twitter from August 25, 2021

Hello, hello, hello. It’s Wednesday, so only tomorrow and a very short Friday left, until we can begin our weekend adventures. It’s gonna be wild, we’ll hunt down an entire pizza, befriend a local couch in our very own living room and sharpen our outdoor skills by opening a whole bottle of an alcoholic beverage of our choice without the help of anything but a self bought screwdriver. Imagine the next 48 hours like the time you’re at the salad bar of an otherwise perfect buffet, but you can already smell the meat section. And you saved your appetizer plate for something we call «side meat». Another kind of appetizers are of course our gems, freshly prepared for you by your favorite cooks. Enjoy!


#1: Every personality disorder has to start somewhere

#2: We need more inventions like this

#3: We love this parallel universe

#4: Can demons have regrets?

#5: That’s the spirit

#6: God has taste

#7: My dog my rules

#8: Kids are unreasonable

#9: It’s time for a new flood

#10: Those were easier times

And if you’re still feeling stressed

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