Best of Twitter from August 26, 2021

Hell yes, it’s Thursday or «Thor’s day». This week went quickly, or did it? The so called suffering we face every week is almost over and we hope you are in a good mood and had a nice day without any issues. Don’t ask us how or why the hammer-wielding Norse god of thunder, strength and protection is related to the fourth day of the week. We are pretty sure there are some comic book shenanigans out there, which will explain this. We are way too tired to google this. In the end it doesn’t matter where the name came from. The only important thing is, that there is only one day left in our so called hamster wheel of capitalism. You may celebrate now if you want to. Here are our gems for today.


#1: *purr purr purr*

#2: Which year?

#3: He probably vented from the other side

#4: The times they are a-changing

#5: Too bad that stupidity isn’t painful

#6: We’ve all done that

#7: Next!

#8: Seems legit

#9: He is smarter than most people

#10: Challenge accepted