Best of Twitter from August 27, 2021

Hey, have you heard? Some genius found out that beside of a couple of FDA-approved and some hundred million times tested vaccines there is also the anti-parasite drug Ivermectin showing «promising» results in the Covid treatment. Once again because it’s just great: An animal (!) dewormer (!) as cure against Covid-19!! Isn’t this the best tip since Trump suggested drinking sanitizer? Since we’re talking about drinking: yep, you can start now, after all it’s Friday and whatever you do, it can’t get any more absurd. Not even with our gems of the day. Have a great weekend everyone and please stay away from cattle!


#1: But why?

#2: 🙏🏽

#3: Find us sobbing on the bathroom floor

#4: Bet they get stolen a lot

#5: Don’t we all have this one coworker

#6: And then there are Tweets like this one

#7: This must be fake news, sorry

#8: Oh please

#9: In your face, Jeff!

#10: Wouldn’t mind sitting next to this guy

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