Best of Twitter from August 28, 2021

It’s Saturday, and to stick with the buffet analogy, right now you’re exactly at the pancake station of the week. Already full and having enjoyed most of the ride, the best part is happening at this moment. There’s still time until the bill arrives, you’re relaxed and who said you can’t have a pantail? That’s correct, a delicious pancake with a sweet, sweet cocktail. Only last century puritans wouldn’t get shivers of joy just thinking about it. And don’t even let us start talking about boozebac, the traditional breakfast in certain regions of Scotland, where bacon is served best with, well, you can guess. Did we make this up? Is «making something up» a phrase that originated in puritan countries, meaning a woman wearing make up is lying about her appearance? Did we have too much boozebac this morning? Those are good questions, but the most important should be: did we find the best gems for you again? And the answer to this is certainly yes. So enjoy!


#1: We’ve all been there

#2: Pro life hack


#4: Way better than a stupid vaccine!

#5: Someone had to say it

#6: The cutest attack ever

#7: Sounds like a Burning Man party

#8: It was his finest work

#9: It’s called being alive in our world

#10: Self reflection is so important

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