Best of Twitter from August 29, 2021

Hello, hello! Sorry to tell you, but once again it’s Sunday evening and to stick in yesterday’s buffet metaphor: at this point there’s only the really weird stuff left and the next couple of hours might show that moving legs in sushi are not a sign of ultimate freshness. But hey, who could have expected that in a Mexican/Russian restaurant? Anyways, the next time you want careful selections with no regrets, we suggest you come straight to our gems of the day.


#1: Totally worth it

#2: Come on, every single one’s a hit

#3: Damn, they’re good

#4: Randy?

#5: Same amount of self loath though

#6: Aw, he said «we»

#7: Feeling this

#8: Nice subtext

#9: That’s a really great name!

#10: Never underestimate idiocy

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