Best of Twitter from August 3, 2021

Did everyone survive Monday? Are we missing anyone? No? Perfect! Hello from the other side, where we’re glad that no one got left behind, but also have another four days in the coal mines…OFFICES, we meant offices, in front of us. But it’s nothing an experienced, skilled mind and a bottle of booze can’t handle. Plus, someone has to pay taxes, so other people can fly around the globe in the middle of a still ongoing pandemic to…basically jump very high or throw a ball in a certain direction. The point is, those people are the real heroes and we are happy to contribute. Talking about contributing, we also would like to offer you our gems of the day, but don’t worry, there was no jumping involved and the only time we’re running is when the coffee machine makes weird noises again. Enjoy your steroid free Tweets of the day, fresh out of hell!


#1: (This Tweet is no longer available, sorry!)