Best of Twitter from August 30, 2021

Incredible! Another day in hell has just begun. What have we done wrong? Did we murder someone in our past lives? What could it be that we deserve to live in this cruel cruel universe? Not only is it Monday today, summer is also coming to an end this week. Yes, Autumn is officially beginning the day after tomorrow. It’s getting colder, wetter and darker. *Sad music plays* Good news is that you can stop exercising for your beach body. It gets even better, because you can finally buy Christmas sweets and mulled wine in the supermarket again. Hopefully this will comfort us since there are still four days of work left until next weekend. You may now drink if you want to. Enjoy our gems for today!


#1: Just normal RPG-Things

#2: This changes everything

#3: Only stoner will understand

#4: Maybe she had the time of her life

#5: Perhaps Mister Meowgi

#6: Tweet of the Day

#7: OH! MY! GOD!

#8: That escalated quickly

#9: Those damn 4K-Textures

#10: Sounds familiar, Bob