Best of Twitter from August 31, 2021

What have Donald Trump jokes, a bottle of booze, and our daily selection of Tweets in common? Right, in a world full of people who take horse medicine instead of vaccines or think Ben Affleck is just a splendid choice for Batman, they are a last straw of sanity. But even the best things come to an end and hereby we have to break to you that we are shifting our focus to other projects. We will still keep you posted on the funniest, most important and, as we fear, most absurd topics but for now it is our pleasure to say for the last time: please have fun with the ten best Tweets from today.


#1: Parenting 101

#2: He’s a train Raider

#3: Best of luck then

#4: The Extremely annoyed ones

#5: Probably the same ingredients

#6: Some of us can have it all

#7: Oh mother capitalism

#8: The first rule about parenting club is you don’t talk about parenting club

#9: Truly one of us

#10: There are too many raccoons in this society