Best of Twitter from August 4, 2021

It’s Wednesday again and the older ones among us will surely remember that this is not just a normal day in the middle of the week, but also one of the weirdest child and teenage characters in TV and movie history. Wednesday Addams was originally a quiet, somewhat miserable 13 year old girl, filled with suffering and obsessed with death. She loves spiders and researching the Bermuda Triangle. Her favorite toy is a doll named Marie Antoinette, which her brother Pugsley beheaded and which she often shows off to guests. Due to her gothic personality she has a tendency to annoy most normal people. Yes, Wednesday is a serious and callous personality with morbid very dark humor, occasional melancholy phases like normal teenagers have and the constant urge to hurt or, if possible, kill her brother Pugsley. Isn’t she lovely? She often carries out her murder plans, but he never really dies. Do you know what never dies either? Exactly our daily dose of Twitter gems. Enjoy!