Best of Twitter from August 5, 2021

It’s Thursday. We endured the majority of the week, summer is taking a break, meaning no social obligations in parks or being outside in general, life is good. And there is more great news, Suicide Squad is screening in two days, which means a «vulgar, immature and gratutious movie» is ready to be watched after we had our usual «welcome Friday» glass of wine. And we’re just quoting the critics here. And even if the weather stays the way it is right now, there’s still time to use thunderstorms as a catalyst to perform some ancient rituals in the backyard. It’s never too late to haunt your first boyfriend by making a voodoo doll and let it show up at his next first date, telling everyone that he never replaces the toilet paper roll and crys in the shower. Where were we? Right, bad weather, good movie. So stick inside, have some me time, perhaps with those gems we found for you? And if it’s still not sunny by Friday, remember the wise words of Harley Quinn: «I love the rain. It’s like angels are squirting all over us.» Enjoy!