Best of Twitter from August 6, 2021

So we’ve had the drought, we’ve had the rain, we definitely got the plague covered – frogs are next on the list, right? We would really appreciate if everyone could step outside for a quick second to see if we’ve already entered the next stage of the apocalypse. If so, please leave a comment before entering your garden bunker. The rest of us probably still has enough time to sit around the campfire, you know, ignore social distancing and blow a little more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, the usual. And since we’re talking about the simple joys of life, please have fun with today’s best Tweets!


#1: Crazy idea

#2: I’ve got hungry eyes – I feel the magic between you and I

#3: Loving this

#4: If you can watch «My Octopus Teacher» on Netflix

#5: Animate this

#6: Wait! What?

#7: It’s 2021 after all

#8: You gotta love kids

#9: Well, I didn’t mean now, did I?

#10: Count us in 🤝🏽

«Skin of our house» sounds like a great movie title to you?

The best Tweets About Horror Movies