Best of Twitter from August 7, 2021

It’s Saturday, so the glass is already half full again. Who are we kidding, the glass was never half full, everybody who tries to drink away a whole week of work in just two days knows that. We know a lot about glasses, to be perfectly honest. And bottles. And no, the weird thing that looks like art, smells funny and has dirty water in it’s bottom isn’t a broken vase, thanks for asking, Mom. Where were we? Right, sadly not even half full, neither the glass nor we. But don’t despair, there’s something even better than half ass metaphors or endless self-pity. And we assure you, it’s not quarter full, half full, but always filled to the top. Of course we’re talking about good Tweets, so once again we dug deep and found the ten best word acrobats of the day. Well, we included two meme creators as well. Let’s have a look, shall we? Please enjoy!