Best of Twitter from August 8, 2021

Hi, everyone. It’s Sunday evening, and like every week, this is the perfect moment to discuss how to numb the inevitable thought of Monday in the best way possible. Is it alcohol, an old episode of Boston Legal, or another soul-decomposing meeting with the in-laws? Whatever is your chosen strategy to postpone Monday, we want to add something to the mix. How about some very normal people, a cat up for a fight and the witch living in all of us. Please have fun with today’s best tweets!


#1: smh

#2: Any thoughts on this?

#3: So many layers …

#4: Well okay

#5: Take a seat and think about this

#6: Criminal Intent

#7: Queen

#8: Keep your phone ready

#9: Tell me you’re old without telling me you’re old

#10: Monday face

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