Best of Twitter from December 22, 2020

We hope everyone survived the next to last Monday in this special circle of hell called 2020. Only a few days until Christmas Eve, and although it’ll be way different than the ones most of us remember, with enough alcohol you can still fight with yourself about politics like you usually do with the weird homophobic uncle from your father’s side. It’s just a matter of effort and perhaps a small, untreated personality disorder. Pets would also help. Dress your most annoying cat in the colors of the dress your mother in law wears _every_ damn year, then pretend it’s her talking about the first boyfriend your wife had, who’s a doctor now and still has his full hair. Or, and that’s just our suggestion, open a good bottle of wine, scroll through our Best of Twitter sections, have a little chuckle and enjoy some inner peace for once at this time of the year. Whatever you choose, we hope you have fun!