Best of Twitter from February 11, 2021

We’re almost there, friends. Just one more day and it’s weekend! Not everyone can work totally drunk, like Trump’s lawyers obviously do. Here’s a little advice: Even if you defend one of the shittiest persons on this little planet, you don’t admire the work of the enemy side and then argue that the ancient greeks did pretty bad things too. It’s just confusing, but we admit also a bit hilarious. Where were we? Right, drinking at the work place. Not a good idea in general, although there are exceptions. The media industry for example pretty much depends on people working high or drunk as fuck, how else do you explain most of the advertising you get? For the last time, just because we bought razorblades once, we’re really not interested in a tibetan shaving brush with Buddha’s favourite fortune cookies sayings. And don’t even get us started with car commercials. No, seriously, don’t get us started. Better look at these gems we found. More insightful than any fortune cookie. Enjoy!