Best of Twitter from February 19, 2021

Okay, 2021 is back on the apocalyptic track. That is at least if you live in the US state of Texas where nearly 12 million people have been advised to boil tap water before consuming it after a deadly winter storm caused power outages at treatment facilities. Surely a nice advice but not entirely thought through as A) freezing temperatures have caused water pipes to burst and B) millions of households are without electricity or gas. Random question but what would you do if you were, let’s say, a Texas Senator and your state was in an unknown crisis with people reportedly freezing to death on the street? Right, you would fly to Cancun, Mexico – wait! WHAT? In fact, that is exactly what republican Senator Ted Cruz (usually known for barking the world’s stupidest things in any camera he can find) did. Nice, right? Especially since Cruz always was a staunch supporter of Trump’s infamous anti-immigration wall. So just in case after checking out candidates for the next presidential election you have enough energy left we invite you to spend it to read our gems of the day! They’ll surely heat you up, folks!