Best of Twitter from January 19, 2021

Maybe it’s just us but though we KNOW it’s Tuesday, there still are the usual shitty Monday vibes surrounding us. And just to be exact we’re talking about some Monday in January 2020 that makes no move to EVER end. It’s still winter, we are still stuck in the middle of a pandemic and there still is a rotten smell coming from Washington DC. We know, instead of celebrating our winter depression we should focus on the bright side… Let’s see! Inauguration is right ahead of us and we all realize what that means. Right, there is gonna be a new dog in the White House, two dogs, to be be exactly! Maybe our expectations of two dogs are a bit too high, but hey, anything is possible in 2021, right? Anyway, we have a feeling that Tuesdays are gonna start feeling like Tuesdays again once there’s a First Dog back in charge. Whatever happen’s we will cover it with our gems of the day. Please enjoy!


#1: Yesterday was Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) Day!