Best of Twitter from January 26, 2021

OK, for those who thought that after inauguration they could go back to relaxing under a rock for the next four years and therefore missed the hottest news of the last few days: it’s out – Joe Biden is wearing a Rolex! No, right? But not only that! He also has, hold on tight, a Peloton bike! Good heavens, soon it’s coming out that he is lactose intolerant or using hair gel. Well, you probably have to be stupid or a Republican to consider these two hair-raising pieces of information (i.e. the one about the clock and the exercise bike) to be more serious in terms of fitness for office than, say, employing the entire family and in-laws in public service despite being unqualified, downplaying a pandemic with more that 400,000 dead or just pardon the worse part of the country, but hey, we’ve gotten used to it by now. Just like you got used to the fact that you get the best tweets from us. Hide your watches and get off the exercise bike, here are our gems of the day!