Best of Twitter from January 8, 2021

We don’t have any more information on what is happening to the time-space continuum than you, all we know is that we still haven’t managed to make it out of the year of wrath. If you’re looking for something to do that keeps you from watching the news and chewing off your feet, why not use the quarantine to clean out your closet! Anything that is too narrow, too wide or too strange goes to the Salvation Army. Clothes made of balloon silk go straight to the Ebay pile to be sold to a hipster willing to pay a fortune that pays off your student loan. If there is one weirdly smelling bag in there, don’t open to, just put it in the trash. Ah, and if you find something that looks like a dead beaver, a Chewbacca bikini or a MAGA cap, please feel free to jump in the trash too. You can find more Marie Kondo tips in our gems of the Day. Have fun and take care of each other!