Best of Twitter from July 1, 2021

So it’s Thursday and we all know what that means. Only one more day in the corporate coal mines until weekend! Finally the annoying coworkers are gone for two days, replaced by the annoying neighbours or, if you’re really lucky, with annoying extended family as well. What better way to relax than explaining your racist uncle why he’s unemployed for years now (hint, it’s not because of the Chinese) or listening to that one aunt lamenting about «Big Pharma» while she swears by yoga to cure her eyesight. Did you know there were cultures, where older people got sent into the jungle once they couldn’t provide for themselves anymore? And don’t you wish you would live around a jungle, at least sometimes? But that’s just a coincidence. What isn’t a coincidence are our gems, we didn’t find them in a tropical forest, but close enough. Enjoy!