Best of Twitter from July 10, 2021

It’s Saturday, arguably the best day of the week. Lazy time just started, there’s still Sunday as a backup if things go really wrong and you HAVE to communicate with people or worse, leave the house, and putting on real clothes is more of an option than a realistic achievement. It’s like the first day on the Titanic, everyone’s in a good mood and having the time of their life. Sunday is more like the day when the captain already sees the iceberg, but it’s still far away and hey, how bad can it get? There’s still time to adapt. And then there’s Monday, when shit hits the fan or in this case, the iceberg and the band starts playing. A lot of screaming is going on. NO, let’s not think about it. We just boarded the ship and while your cabin is being prepared, why not use the time to read something nice and relaxing? Our gems for example. Please enjoy the cruise!