Best of Twitter from July 11, 2021

Hello and good evening everyone! As we mentioned yesterday, Sundays have the strangest vibes or to stay in our Titanic metaphor: Our bellies are still full with hand-fed baby-shrimps and we just enjoyed the most amazing show of dancing monkeys on tiny skateboards. But there is also this slightly unsettling cold breeze and on the afternoon tour with the dogs on the deck of the Third Class we saw the little lifeboats and tried to remember how to calculate (remember it’s 1912 and we aren’t glued to smartphones yet). But it was a little foggy and we didn’t get to talk to the captain who surely knows what he’s doing as we were told he’s coming from a great family – in fact he was chatting with this bald gentleman from the employers› association who kept talking about sick leave… What? Well, somehow we just lost the thread. Oh, whatever, Titanic, work-life balance, pandemic, climate change, we’re sure it’ll all turn out well in the end, right? Just like our Tweets of the day. Enjoy!