Best of Twitter from July 17, 2021

It’s finally Saturday, so it’s also time to get out the good wine. Instead of the cheap after work bottle you usually down because it «helps you focus after a long day» aka fall asleep at 9pm with one hand covered in popcorn while the other is searching the remote. Only mean people would say that «Alexa, it’s time, open the coffin» could be really cool famous last words. And while we’re at it, our famous last words should of course be the best Tweets of the day, so do us a favour, everyone remember this and tell it to the poor guy who’ll be writing our eulogy. Speaking of great Tweets, we «focused» the whole day to bring exactly those to paper again, just for your well deserved pleasure. Well, not exactly paper, but at least on a very nice and clean website. So have fun and excuse us, there’s a lot of focusing to be handled on the weekend. Cheers!