Best of Twitter from July 18, 2021

Is everybody celebrating that slow rise of desperation despite the usual try to knock it out with our religious Sunday evening «tomorrow I’m gonna start a new life/diet/Instagram account» attitude? Yep, horrible Monday is getting closer minute by minute and though we are definitely not ready for it all we have left is a couple of lousy hours with our three best friends: the fridge, the remote, and the smartphone (in reverse order obviously) in the holy surroundings of bestie no. 4 aka the couch. As the realization that once again we didn’t use the weekend to do, well, anything, is starting to sink in, why not give our transformation into a better, more beautiful and wholesome being one last shot by enjoying the best Tweets from today? You have nothing to lose, people…












If «someone throws a walrus at my grandma» sounds like a perfect plot to you, you also might enjoy this:

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