Best of Twitter from July 24, 2021

Hello everyone and welcome to another episode of «it’s finally Saturday, what could possibly go wrong?». To your left you see singles talking awkwardly to other singles, beating around the bush wether they like each other or not until the first one is frustrated and leaves. Always a fun game to play. On your right there’s the happy family, mom has already had the first glass of wine, dad is in the bathroom looking at OF pages to see if he recognizes a neighbour, while the kids are destroying the living room. Please make sure to decide if you want to see «being alone in a big city forever» or «divorce and how much it costs, not only moneywise» as your next episode, there’s a package deal to get both. Meanwhile here are some gems from the most depressing but also funniest social media platform in existence, right after Tumblr. Yes, this is possible. Enjoy!