Best of Twitter from July 25, 2021

Every week on Sunday evening we meet up here to play a game of «whose life sucks the most». Is it competitor A who prepares for another week of carrot hunting in the office knowing that the carrot will be rotten by the time their bosses are about to step into a giant penis and fly to space? Or are you all in for competitor B who stays at home with the children and ask themselves for the next 5 days to 20 years what sense it makes to give up regular payments and social recognition in order to bring up a new generation of workforce. Or do you vote for competitor C who has neither job nor family and therefore lives in that fun twilight zone of social jealousy and social despise? Granted, it’s a game that doesn’t produce many winners but isn’t it great fun playing? Fortunately this question is against the rules so let’s all enjoy the best Tweets of the day instead! Have a nice week everyone!












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