Best of Twitter from July 27, 2021

Welcome everybody to another evening you «chose» not to spend with friends, family, or lovers but with us. Our hearts are heavy but we have to tell you that it’s only Tuesday, aka the true Voldemort of days as it is basically a Monday in disguise. Except it is even worse as everybody keeps saying that the worst part of the week is done and the weekend is just around the corner. It’s not, and to be honest neither will it be tomorrow nor the day after. Luckily we can enjoy a little bread and circuses these days by switching our focus to Tokyo to watch the more or less modern version of gladiators having their five minutes of «fame». What could be more fulfilling than sleeping in paper beds the night before you do a fun sport like 50 kilometers race walking in the middle of a pandemic? Right, standing on the side lines reporting about it. So this year they decided to leave all the joy to one guy and you’ll find him in our daily. Please enjoy the best Tweets from today!