Best of Twitter from July 28, 2021

It’s Wednesday folks, we’re halfway through! So lay down the chainsaws, even if people are trying to communicate with you in the subway when you’re clearly using headphones, the international sign for «talk to me and suffer», it’s not worth it. We’re far too pretty for prison. What else is new? A tornado is heading towards Japan, so you could say the surfers at the Olympics are happy, everyone else could experience a whole new definition of «being blown away» during an event. There was a mysterious explosion at a chem lab in Germany, so whoever had zombie attack on their 2021 bingo card and prepared for it could be a very lucky person and not be so crazy after all. Last but not least, of course there are also the gems we found for you, just in case you want to read something funny one more time before the zombie tornado hits your country. In this spirit, enjoy and remember, the last one gets bitten first!