Best of Twitter from July 31, 2021

It’s finally Saturday. The day we aspired to reach, the moment we longed for, the reason to live. Too much? Yeah, we thought so as well. So let’s be honest, as much as we need a break sometimes, we should never forget that it’s just a brief break, an opportunity to break bad for once, a time to bounce back and break bread with your fellow victims of the 5 day work week. Too many alliterations? Perhaps binging a few seasons of Gilmore Girls combined with good wine(s) wasn’t exactly the perfect way to start into the night yesterday, just perhaps. So before this gets totally out of control, of course we were gathering glorious gems (DAMN IT WE CAN’T STOP) again, just for you folks. Please enjoy the wonderful work we willfully (okay, we’ll stop now, promised) worded and maybe rewatch Gilmore Girls after that? It changes you. Without further delay, here are the Tweets of the day. Cheers!